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Article Links - Adding a link to an article in the knowledge base
Viewed 20424 times since Wed, Jan 30, 2013
Problem- When I try to enter a hyperlink in my article, the functionality works fine, but I have to know the URL to the article I want to link to, so I can manually enter the path in hyperlink. Is there any way I can browse existing articles using a... Read More
Enterprise Wiki Software - Criteria for selection and evaluation of wiki software
Viewed 2612 times since Fri, Aug 26, 2016
A wiki is an enterprise collaboration platform and it is becoming well established as both commercial and open source applications. It creates a common ground for your employees to communicate and share information with each other. Wikis can be very... Read More
How do I disable Strict Mode in MySQL?
Viewed 1354 times since Tue, Mar 14, 2017
Please follow the instructions that are given below in order to turn off the MySQL Strict Mode. NOTE: Make the following changes in the my.ini (for Windows Operating System) or my.cnf (for Linux Operating System): Look for the following line: ... Read More
How to Add New language in PHPKB Knowledge Base?
Viewed 1542 times since Fri, Dec 9, 2016
If you are looking to have more than one (default English) language in your knowledge base then you must have purchased a Multi-Language edition of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software. Here are the steps how to add a new language in PHPKB: STEPS: Log in... Read More
How to install wkhtmltopdf and configure in PHPKB
Viewed 6689 times since Fri, Dec 11, 2015
INSTRUCTIONS: Download an appropriate version of wkhtmltopdf library from here: If you are on Windows operating system then do install it under C:\ drive (for example: c:\wkhtmltopdf). On Linux/UNIX, you... Read More
How to motivate people to contribute to a Knowledge Sharing System?
Viewed 58518 times since Mon, Nov 7, 2011
These seven practical tips show how to get people to willingly contribute to building your organization's fund of knowledge. These tips are very effective to encourage users to share knowledge with others using the knowledge sharing system. ... Read More
How to set up folder permissions in Internet Information Services (IIS)?
Viewed 4243 times since Thu, Mar 10, 2016
This article explains how to set up write permissions in the required folders for configuring IIS 7.0, 7.5, or 8.0 on Microsoft Windows Server for installation of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software. In order to install PHPKB knowledge management software... Read More
How to upgrade from PHPKB version 7.x to 8.0
Viewed 1480 times since Mon, Jan 23, 2017
Here are the steps - how to upgrade from PHPKB 7.x to 8.0. STEPS: Take Backup : Create a backup copy of your current database that is being used by PHPKB 7.x. Unzip Upgrade Package : Unzip the contents of upgrade package downloaded. You will... Read More
How to upload an image or video via Asset Manager?
Viewed 1048 times since Wed, Mar 15, 2017
PROBLEM:  When I upload an image or video file I get "The File Type is not allowed" error (see image below): Can you help me to solve the problem? SOLUTION: The files that are uploaded via Asset Manager of WYSIWYG Editor are controlled through:... Read More
How to use Import From HTML Module?
Viewed 12585 times since Fri, Nov 9, 2012
Please refer to the instructions below on how to use the "Import From HTML" module to import the HTML documents as articles in your knowledge base. It is an optional module available as a paid add-on to PHPKB knowledge base software. DOC to... Read More
I receive an Internal Server Error or HTTP 500 message
Viewed 9724 times since Wed, Dec 5, 2012
If you have just installed or trying to install the PHPKB Knowledge Base Software on your site and you're receiving an Internal Server Error or HTTP 500 error, there are two likely causes: Your hosting provider's web server's... Read More
Installation of the Attachment Indexing plugins
Viewed 78235 times since Tue, Feb 12, 2013
PHPKB knowledge base software is able to index text content of the files attached to knowledge base articles in order to make them searchable. Attachment indexing is supported in all editions of PHPKB knowledge base software. Some documents types... Read More
SEO Friendly URLs Not Working
Viewed 5241 times since Fri, Mar 18, 2016
Here are some of the most common reason why SEO Friendly URLs are not working for PHPKB knowledge base software on your server (assuming you are running Apache as your web server). 1) Your site is in a sub-directory, or you're using an Alias,... Read More
SEO Friendly URLs not working in PHPKB
Viewed 756 times since Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Problem: I have enabled SEO Friendly URLs setting in PHPKB (as shown below):   Also verified that Apache mod_rewrite module was loaded:   but still no luck. I get 404 not found error: Solution: Check in your VirtualHosts (and then httpd.conf... Read More
URL Rewriting on IIS7 with PHPKB Knowledge Base Software
Viewed 22021 times since Mon, Jan 28, 2013
If you are facing the URL rewriting problem on a windows server, please note that II7 does not support .HTACCESS file syntax for URL rewriting. For earlier versions of IIS (less than 7), you need a tool called ISAPI_ReWrite from HeliconTech which... Read More