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What is software maintenance?
Viewed 8723 times since Mon, Aug 8, 2011
Software maintenance covers access to any relevant support and software updates for your license of PHPKB knowledge base software. All commercial and academic licenses include 12 months of free maintenance (commencing from the date of purchase). Read More
Can I purchase more than 12 months of software maintenance?
Viewed 7478 times since Mon, Aug 8, 2011
Yes, you can purchase and hold a maximum of 3 years worth of active software maintenance for any one license of the PHPKB knowledge base software. You have the option to buy an extra 2 years (24 months) of support & maintenance subscription ... Read More
Can I use the PHPKB software without active support subscription?
Viewed 7585 times since Mon, Aug 8, 2011
Yes, you can continue to use your knowledge base software even after the active support & maintenance period expires. As all commercial and academic licenses are perpetual, you can use your software into perpetuity. Do keep in mind that software... Read More
Why should I renew my software maintenance?
Viewed 8717 times since Mon, Aug 8, 2011
Renewing your software maintenance & support subscription is entirely optional, but it will ensure your continued access to the following great benefits: Technical Support Software Updates Peace of mind Another option that might be available... Read More
How can I purchase a maintenance renewal?
Viewed 8878 times since Mon, Aug 8, 2011
To order a maintenance renewal, please complete the secure online order form. Using the order form, you can renew a product that you are associated with or provide us with the details of the product which you wish to renew. Once that is done, a quote... Read More
Can I transfer my license to another domain?
Viewed 6852 times since Mon, Aug 29, 2011
Yes, We understand that your existing domain name is no longer in use and you would like to transfer everything over to the new domain. First, you should uninstall PHPKB from its current location. Then contact us to transfer your license before... Read More
How do I migrate/move my installation of PHPKB to another server?
Viewed 10036 times since Sat, May 12, 2012
Completing this is a fairly straight forward process that you can accomplish with the steps given below. Download all the files of your current installation. Use a tool such as phpMyAdmin (generally available through your hosting control panel... Read More
How to enable mbstring in PHP?
Viewed 258363 times since Wed, Feb 6, 2013
It is required to have PHP enabled with mbstring (multi-byte string) support for storing and displaying multi-byte characters in PHPKB software. The installation wizard of the multi-language editions of PHPKB knowledge base software will... Read More
Support Subscription Renewal - Commonly Asked Questions
Viewed 5324 times since Wed, Jun 25, 2014
Question 1: What is the renewal cost? Is it 1 year or do you have for more than 1 year? If so what will be the savings if renewed for more than a year? Answer: Renewal cost is $105 for 1 year support subscription. You can buy up to 3 years of support... Read More
How to enable text selection and copying on article page?
Viewed 7308 times since Thu, Jan 22, 2015
There is a setting called "Enable Article Select Copy" that you can find under "Tools - Miscellaneous Settings" page of the admin area as shown in the image below. Just turn ON that setting and you would be able to select and copy text on article... Read More
SEO Friendly URLs Not Working
Viewed 6002 times since Fri, Mar 18, 2016
Here are some of the most common reason why SEO Friendly URLs are not working for PHPKB knowledge base software on your server (assuming you are running Apache as your web server). 1) Your site is in a sub-directory, or you're using an Alias,... Read More
How do I disable Strict Mode in MySQL?
Viewed 2074 times since Tue, Mar 14, 2017
Please follow the instructions that are given below in order to turn off the MySQL Strict Mode. NOTE: Make the following changes in the my.ini (for Windows Operating System) or my.cnf (for Linux Operating System): Look for the following line: ... Read More
How to upload an image or video via Asset Manager?
Viewed 1526 times since Wed, Mar 15, 2017
PROBLEM:  When I upload an image or video file I get "The File Type is not allowed" error (see image below): Can you help me to solve the problem? SOLUTION: The files that are uploaded via Asset Manager of WYSIWYG Editor are controlled through:... Read More
SEO Friendly URLs not working in PHPKB
Viewed 1278 times since Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Problem: I have enabled SEO Friendly URLs setting in PHPKB (as shown below):   Also verified that Apache mod_rewrite module was loaded:   but still no luck. I get 404 not found error: Solution: Check in your VirtualHosts (and then httpd.conf... Read More