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Types of articles

An article can have any of the statuses from the following list in PHPKB knowledge base software.

  1. Approved: Published articles in the knowledge base are called approved articles.
  2. Featured: They are same as approved articles but have more priority over them in the sense that featured articles appear on top of other approved articles in category page and search results. If you wish to give more exposure to certain articles in your knowledge base, you can mark them as featured. They will also appear on the home page under "Featured" section.
  3. Pending: Articles that are pending for approval. These are generally submitted by Writers and need the approval of either an editor or a superuser.
  4. Disapproved: Articles that were pending for approval but disapproved by editors or super users. They are not displayed in the front end.
  5. Expired: Articles that have passed their expiry date. PHPKB has a facility to set an expiry date for the article to control the life-cycle of an article. Once the expiry date is over, the article automatically stops appearing in the knowledge base. The expiry date can be changed/extended/removed from the "Edit Article" screen.
  6. Saved Drafts: Saved drafts are those articles that are in-progress and are not ready to be published yet.
  7. Deleted: Articles that have been removed from the knowledge base are sent to "Trash Box". You can recover or purge (permanently delete) them from "Trash Box".
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