Can I bring my data from another knowledge base system to PHPKB?

Of course, depending on the knowledge base system you are upgrading from. We created a utility called "Data Import Module" that automates the process of importing your data from another KB system to PHPKB.

We already have a number of data import modules available for different knowledge base systems; you can find the list below.
  • Interspire ActiveKB
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager
  • KB Publisher
If we do not have one for your current knowledge base system, please contact us and we will probably be able to help.
  1. @Claudia and @Eoin, as of now we do not have an import module to migrate data from SharePoint to PHPKB however we do have an add-on module to import bulk HTML documents as articles in the PHPKB knowledge base. So, if there is a way in SharePoint to export the content as HTML files, then it is enough.

  2. Is it possible to migrate from SharePoint to the PHPKB knowledge base software?

  3. Do you have a tool to help import answers from Sharepoint?