How do I migrate/move my installation of PHPKB to another server?

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes
Completing this is a fairly straight forward process that you can accomplish with the steps given below.
  1. Download all the files of your current installation.
  2. Use a tool such as phpMyAdmin (generally available through your hosting control panel, cPanel or Plesk) to make a complete database backup in SQL format.
  3. Upload the files to your new server.
  4. Import the database backup from step 2 into the new database server. Again you should be able to do this through phpMyAdmin, unless you have a large database. Should this be the case most hosts will import the database for you if you provide them with the .sql file. Its a process that literally takes a few minutes for them.
  5. Edit the /admin/include/configuration.php file (in any text editor) and update the database details and other details such as the KB URL.
The KB URL will appear like this:

$path_kb = "";
The database details will appear like this:
$mySQLServer= ’localhost’;
$mySQLUsername= ’username’;
$mySQLPassword= ’password’;
$mySQLDatabase= ’db_name’;