Installing ionCube Loader on Microsoft Windows Server

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

This brief tutorial will teach you how to install and configure ionCube loaders on Microsoft Windows Server. The evaluation copy of PHPKB knowledge base software has encoded source code and it requires ionCube loaders to be installed on the web server where it is to be tested. You can get the loaders from ionCube website. We strongly suggest to read the ionCube loaders installation guide. The purchased license of PHPKB software will come with full source code that is not encoded and that does not require installation of ionCube loaders.

1. Download ionCube Loader

Download the ionCube Loader for Microsoft Windows. You will need to choose either a "Non Thread-Safe" or a regular version of the ionCube loader. Choose "Non-TS" if Thread Safety is disabled in your PHP configuration. To check, open up a phpinfo() file and look for:

PHP Thread Safety

Your choice of ionCube Loader will also depend on the compiler used to create the PHP installation on your web server. Again, you can find which version this is in a phpinfo() file. The compiler with either be VC 6 or VC 9.

PHP Compiler Info

The ionCube loaders are available only for 32-bit Windows platform. In order to install the ionCube Loader on 64-bit Windows platform, you will need to configure IIS server to run 32-bit applications.

2. Installation of ionCube Loader

Start the installation process by double clicking the downloaded loader installer.

ionCube Installation - Step 1

Click Next, Select "Installation Type" as "Install to this machine" to install the loaders on your local server.

ionCube Installation - Step 2

Click Next, Specify an "Install Location". We specified "C:\" in our case to install the ionCube loaders in C drive of our server.

ionCube Installation - Step 3

Click Next, review your installation parameters and click on "Install" button to start the installation.

ionCube Installation - Step 4

Once the installation process is completed, you will see the screen below. Click on the "Finish" button to close this window.

ionCube Installation - Step 5

Very Important Step: After installation process is completed, copy the file "loader-wizard.php" present in the ionCube install directory (as shown below) to the document root of your web server.

Loader Wizard

Now, open it in your web browser (for example, http://localhost/loader-wizard.php). This web page will analyze your web server and produce a tailored set of installation instructions as shown below.

ionCube Loader Wizard Results

You will need to add necessary zend_extension line in your php.ini configuration file.

3. Confirm Installation

Now, restart the web server and confirm if the installation is successful by accessing the phpinfo() of the server.

ionCube loader install check