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How to install wkhtmltopdf and configure in PHPKB
Viewed 10146 times since Fri, Dec 11, 2015
How to set up folder permissions in Internet Information Services (IIS)?
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How to motivate people to contribute to a Knowledge Sharing System?
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SEO Friendly URLs Not Working
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Enterprise Wiki Software - Criteria for selection and evaluation of wiki software
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How to Add New language in PHPKB Knowledge Base?
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How to use Import From HTML Module?
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How to upgrade from PHPKB version 7.x to 8.0
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I receive an Internal Server Error or HTTP 500 message
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How do I disable Strict Mode in MySQL?
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URL Rewriting on IIS7 with PHPKB Knowledge Base Software
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I am getting "The File Type is not allowed" error, what shall I do?
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Article Links - Adding a link to an article in the knowledge base
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SEO Friendly URLs not working in PHPKB
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Installation of the Attachment Indexing plugins
Viewed 83592 times since Tue, Feb 12, 2013