End User Interface at a glance

PHPKB knowledge base software provides very interactive and user-friendly interface for KB users to view articles, news/announcements on the home page. The PHPKB knowledge base software has been designed and organized in such a manner to provide maximum ease of use to visitors without any learning. Superusers can have control on the display (On/Off) of almost every possible feature of the knowledge base.

The header section is available which contain links to KB Home, Advanced Search, News, Glossary, Ask a Question, My Favorites, My Profile, Admin Dashboard features through which users can navigate. These links are explained below:

When you select an alphabet letter, it will display all glossary terms which begin with the selected letter. You can click on Glossary title and can read related articles.

            You can click on the article title or ’Read More’ link to view the article content.

            Click on " Update " button to save changes you have made.

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