General Overview of PHPKB Knowledge Base Management Software

About PHPKB Software

PHPKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to create an unlimited, searchable library of FAQs, articles, how-to documents, resolutions, announcements, product manuals and more. PHPKB makes it easy for your customers to find the information they need & reduce your support workload by offering self-service based online support to your users. With the use of PHPKB software, your support team can create categorized knowledge base articles to share step-by-step instructions and guides, along workarounds and solutions to common problems faced by customers (end-users). PHPKB software can be easily re-skinned to match a company’s design scheme. No doubt, It is the most modern knowledge base management software in the industry.

Web Based Self-Service Support

Help your customers help themselves with self-service support model. Intelligent self-service helps your customers in finding answers to their questions in the easiest and most efficient way. According to Forrester, 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve their support issues over picking up the phone or sending an email. Self-service support is on the rise - customers want it and fast-growing companies need it as a competitive advantage. PHPKB software will help you reduce volume of support tickets and provide an amazing customer experience through self-service support model. We have a strong belief that self-service is becoming a preferred way for customers to get help with products and services of a company. Most customers would prefer self-service than calling an old-school call center and talking to a customer service agent.

Access Management

PHPKB allows you to limit (restrict) access to certain private categories based on user-groups. This way, members of a user-group can access the private categories assigned only to their user-group. They will not be able to access the private categories assigned to other groups.

Self-hosted OR Cloud-hosted Setup

PHPKB Knowledge Base Software is powerful yet simple, affordable, and comes with your choice of hosting in our cloud or on your server.

Full Overview

You may wish to read complete overview of the PHPKB software.

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