Managing Comments

Article Comments Screen - You can moderate the comments posted by users through the admin panel. Comments are categorized into two types:

  1. Pending Comments: These comments need superuser’s approval before being listed on the article page.
  2. Approved Comments: Once the pending comments are approved by the superuser, they are listed in approved comments.

To view this screen, Click on "Pending" link under "Comments" section in left navigation bar. It consists of columns which are explained as below:

You can perform the same action on more than one comment using "Select Bulk Action". For this, mark the check boxes corresponding to the comments on which operation is required and then, select action from select bulk action drop-down and click "Apply" button. Click on "Approved" link under "Comments" section to view the approved comments. The columns are same as in pending comments section.

Manage Comment Settings

Click on "Manage Settings" link under Tools section of left navigation bar to manage comment settings. This section is further divided into sub-sections to categorize the settings properly.

By default, ’General settings’ page is displayed. Click on "Article" tab and then navigate to "Article Features" section to manage the comment settings. All the settings related to comments are as shown in the screenshot below:

Click on "Save" button to save the changes made in the comments settings.

Custom Fields

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