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PHPKB 9.0 Release Notes


1. API Interface PHPKB 9 will offer Web API to integrate PHPKB with other software applications. The API will provide a RESTful interface with JSON-formatted responses to use knowledge base entities. API facility is available only in enterprise... Read More

General Settings

Tools section contains a list of various configuration settings related to your knowledge base. To manage these settings expand "Tools" section of the left navigation bar and click on "Manage Settings" as shown below: Manage SettingsĀ  is further... Read More

My Articles

Users can expand "My Articles" link under Articles section of left navigation bar to view their own articles to update them. 'My Articles' page will be displayed which contain several columns as shown in the figure below: ID: This column displays... Read More

Admin Control Panel Interface

PHPKB knowledge base has easy to use, highly interactive graphical user interface with demotic and innate interface elements. The use of AJAX makes the application faster or more responsive as sections of pages can also be reloaded individually which... Read More

Category Summary

Expand "Category" in Statistics section of left navigation bar to view reports related to the knowledge base categories. By default, the Summary screen will be displayed which contains statistics related to various aspects of categories in... Read More

Managing User Groups

Expand "Manage" link in Groups section of left navigation bar to manage the groups you have created in the knowledge base. This page contains columns displaying details of user groups. These columns are: ID: This column displays the auto generated... Read More

Trash Box

Trash box acts as a recycle bin for deleted articles from where you can either restore the articles or permanently delete them. Only superuser has the right to manage the trash box. Click "Trash Box" link in the Articles section of left... Read More

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